Miguel del Arco and Álvaro Carmona of Buendía Estudios

Buendía Estudios produces five series for Atresplayer Premium
15 de diciembre de 2021

Atresplayer Premium presented this Monday the next productions that will be included in its catalog 2022, among which are five titles produced by Buendía Estudios: Las Noches de Tefía, by Miguel del Arco; Ana &., by Álvaro Carmona; and Camilo Superstar; as well as the second seasons of Los Protegidos: El Regreso, and of Drag Race Spain.

Las Noches de Tefía (6x50´) is the first television series created by the playwright and screenwriter Miguel del Arco. The production mixes drama, comedy, and music. The story is about the experience of the fictional character, Airam Betancor, who was imprisoned, when he was barely 17 years old, in the Francoist concentration camp in Fuerteventura, known as Colonia Agrícola Penitenciaria de Tefía. The “colony”, that operated between 1954 and 1966, was where the regime sent those convicted by the law of vagrants and thugs that, as of 54, also included homosexuals.

Ana &. is the new fiction proposal by Álvaro Carmona, director, screenwriter, comedian, musician, and multidisciplinary artist, creator of the acclaimed series Gente Hablando. Ana, the assistant to one of the most famous artists on the planet, has begun to vanish. If she wants to avoid ending up totally invisible, she will need to change her life and leave behind the person she has become.

Camilo Superstar (4x50´) is a project that follows the steps of the singer Camilo Sesto in the early 70s to bring to the stage in Spain the Rock Opera Jesus Christ Superstar. With a script by Marta Betoldi and Tatiana Rodríguez, who gives away a portrait of a music icon at a key moment of his career.

For a second season, that will begin filming in 2022, Los Protegidos: El Regreso will have a renewed format. The series is co-produced by Buendía Estudios and Boomerang TV with the executive production of Montse García, Curro Novallas, Jorge Redondo and Teddy Villalba and screenplay by Carlos García Miranda.