Food Coma captura ese momento posprandial en los restaurantes de BK

Burger King and We Believers Capture Food Coma with The King’s Collection

Liz Unamo|19 de septiembre de 2019

For those who take a nap after eating, you could be under the flash of some campain, like in the case of We Believers´ most recent work for Burger King. 

Food Coma captures that posprandial moment in BK restaurants in Mexico City. The idea comes from the observation of the manager of one of the restaurants, regarding naps that some clients took after eating some of the biggest sandwiches BK Mex: The King’s Collection has.

“Hence, we immediately hired a photographer who devoted practically an entire month to go from one restaurant to the next, especially at lunch" says Gustavo Lauría, Co-Founder & CCO of We Belivers. “He took a great deal of photos. And when consumers woke up, the told them about the project and invited them to sign the contract in order to have the image rights. Many accepted and that way we chose the best shots" details Lauría.

BK plans to use the campaign in other countries, aside from Mexico, to promote the same product.