Giuliano Stiglitz

We work to solve the challenges brands face with their digital marketing strategies: Giuliano Stiglitz of NUMATEC
29 de noviembre de 2020

NUMATEC CEO Giuliano Stiglitz said his team is working to add innovations to the concept of a holding company in order to create an ecosystem of companies capable of resolving the most important needs posed by the challenges big brands now face, especially in the execution of their digital marketing strategies.

“Many different elements exist today for making a strategy successful. The idea at NUMATEC is to create companies that address different aspects of these needs," Stiglitz said.

Regarding the pandemic, he said there has been an ecommerce boom with the expansion of companies´ digital processes: “Somehow the products and services we offer as a group have benefited from the pandemic.”

NUMATEC, which began with more than 300 employees in 22 countries, has two basic strategies: first, strategically investing in service companies in the martech (marketing technology) ecosystem, and second, partnering with the best technologies available to accelerate growth and distribution.

“We’re focused on Latin America but have an important presence in the U.S. and Europe as well. This geographic diversification allows us to minimize risks. We have growth plans in each of these regions and aim to strengthen our presence in Colombia, Mexico and in Europe. In the American market, we have several projects for growth. And we have no geographical barriers - all our offices communicate with one another.”

As for managing uncertainty, Stiglitz said they handle it as investors, diversifying products and countries.
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