Ricardo Coeto of BTF Media: Since February this year, Paco Cordero and I decided to take control of our offices and grow organically
Buying rights for development in several countries
Aliana González, Mexico City|30 de junio de 2020

Ricardo Coeto, the co-founder of BTF Media, reported that since February this year, Paco Cordero and he decided to take control of their offices and grow organically, together with important production makers, with local emphasis but international relevance. That is why they are buying the rights for development in France, Spain, Mexico, the US, and the UK, which they will soon announce. The most recent is Los Otros, by Alejandro Amenábar that they will produce in Mexico.

He added that at the same time that they are purchasing rights, they are seeking to expand to genders such as children´s and youth´s, action, action-comedy, drama, terror, and science fiction. He states that these genres have not been addressed in Latin America and that they are seeking to stand out with quality projects in Spanish.

They are managing to have very good partners, he said. When consulted on how many rights they have purchased, he revealed that at least twelve, but are still working on acquiring seven additional ones. "More than the number, the relevant thing is the partnering they are achieving with creators. We want BTF to be the place where they want to have their IPs, where they want their ideas to grow," he highlighted.
He commented that they will start production in Spain and Mexico in 2020 and that in the terror genre they have two more projects. They will produce on a Caribbean island a mega-production for an important client, and in Chile, there are two more about to start. Very soon they will make announcements on how the structure of the office in Spain resulted.

They want to focus on producing cinema, mainly in Spain and Mexico, he added.