Gonzalo Hita, COO of Cablevision

Cablevision: Flow grows at a rhythm of 40 thousand subscribers per month
Cynthia Plohn, Buenos Aires|20 de junio de 2017

A little over six months after its launch in Argentina, Cablevision's platform Flow has more than 400 thousand clients and grows at a rhythm of 40 thousand subscribers per month.

“Positioning a platform like Flow in Argentina was a huge experience. Flow is a leader in Latin America, because along the great deal of contents it also has many functionalities: rewind the programming, watch content on demand and the possibility of watching it in or out of the home," explained Gonzalo Hita, COO of Cablevision.

“The project took more than three years of work and the hardest thing was to find a solution that synthesized what we wanted as client solution. Our clients love to watch series on demand and to be able to do binge watching," he added.
He highlighted that they are also producing exclusive content such as Pol-ka, eltrece and Turner, that will allow them to have very good-quality series.

Hita reported that what people like, aside from the series is the live content they can watch both in and out of the home and that changes how you watch TV.

He announced that what is coming is more features for Flow. "We are always evaluating how people use the platform, learning and adding new features so it is increasingly friendlier and more intuitive."

Additionally, they are in negotiations with the main brands of television sets to be able to incorporate a Flow app in a native way.