Nefi Adonis, president of the Dominican production house Cana Films

Cana Films: In mid-2023 we’re launching Domi+ to showcase the excellent Dominican audiovisual production
25 de noviembre de 2022

Nefi Adonis, president of the Dominican production house Cana Films, was at SD FICMARKET where he was offering the documentary La Industria del Silencio ready to distribute, and for production the series Calibrado (12x43') and El Psíquico (10x43'), currently in pilot.

He also announced that they are about to launch the platform Domi+, with the objective of showcasing independent Dominican productions, and reaching those nationals who left the country, as well as the local audience. The platform is looking for partners and investors and it is estimated to be up and running by mid-2023.

“We want a cheaper subscription to reach more people and for everyone to have access. We see ourselves as a distributor of Dominican production made by Dominicans, to make it visible. We already have 40 projects on the platform,” he said.

They want to cover all genres: podcasts, movies, series, documentaries and even Christian movies that have a large audience in the country.

Domi+ will be free the first three months. “There is a lot of well-made independent cinema made in our country, which does not reach or is not known, because the procedures are difficult. We want to be the screen that serves as a catapult for this independent cinema,” he said.

Cana Films became known by making the music for the movie Código Paz. In addition to producing, they also offer post-production services and distribution with the new platform.