Tábata Vilar, general director of Canacine: The COVID supervisor is in charge of enforcing discipline in the fulfillment of the protocols

Canacine: 20% arrives with asymptomatic COVID-19
Aliana González, Mexico City|28 de julio de 2020

Tábata Vilar, general director of Canacine, reported that the application of the test before starting productions has revealed that 20% of the participants have asymptomatic COVID-19. “This shows us the importance of running these tests because we see that coronavirus is in the entire society. By doing the test and being responsible, we avoid certain contamination of the rest of the crew," she explained.

On the other hand, she detailed that some people have expressed their concern over the fact that the team has remained firm in enforcing the protocols. "Due to this, we have a figure that is the COVID supervisor, in charge of enforcing discipline in the fulfillment of the protocols," he said.

She explained that the productions must always ensure that there is a backup in every position, in case someone in the team turns out positive.

She detailed that they made a video in which they explain the use of the protocol, which they recorded while putting it into action. The video that will be distributed this week is made with the collaboration of all the guilds and organizations, in which everyone has put resources. "There is an important logistic issue to take into account, that has to do with the application of the test, and with the following story: We were waiting for the results on Friday to start production the following day, but the delivery of the test results was delayed. It was 8pm and we still didn't have an answer from the laboratory, therefore we didn´t know if we would be able to shoot the next day. You have to have a plan B for everything and it is a huge challenge for production companies," said Vilar.