Eduardo Ávila, president of the Canacine Jalisco delegation

Canacine Jalisco: We are the second audiovisual creative hub in Mexico and still lot of opportunity to continue growing
Aliana González|03 de marzo de 2023

Eduardo Ávila, president of the Canacine Jalisco delegation, was at the opening cocktail of the Canacine XVII Convention —which is taking place in this state for the first time— and he said that Jalisco is betting on audiovisuals as one of its priority industry.

The complete board of directors of Canacine attended the event, led by its president Avelino Rodríguez and its general director Tábata Vilar. In addition, representatives of the Jalisco government, including the Secretary of Tourism Vanessa Pérez and Esteban Estrada, general director of the State Entertainment Agency were present.

“We want the industry, together with the government and the different powers, to build a serious public policy,” said Estrada. Previously, the Secretary of Tourism encouraged attendees to make all the constructive criticism they deem necessary, after ensuring that their public policy proposal might have errors, so they hope to receive comments to improve it. “We are the first state that comprehensively proposes a policy, which also incorporates the development of talent,” she stated.

Ávila explained that for three days, exhibitors, producers, and creators, will be meeting to share concepts, listen to each other and find ways for the Mexican audiovisual industry to continue growing and updating, "so that it continues to be a benchmark throughout Latin America.” He added that it will be very interesting to produce in Jalisco. “We are the second audiovisual creative hub in Mexico and we have a great growth opportunity,” he said.

The general director of Canacine, Tábata Vilar, said that she hopes the meeting will be very productive. “I love when after these conventions they tell me that a project kicked off at a Canacine dinner. This is a creative hotbed where everything starts to come together,” she said.

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