Canadian television stations supported by their governments

Canadian government grants US$30 million to TV companies
10 de abril de 2020

The Canadian government together with Canada´s Radio, Television and Telecommunications of Canada (CRTC) reported that they would not require the payment of annual license fees for the different radio and television networks that operate in the country.

All this is done to alleviate the industry that suffers daily reductions of advertising spots, changes in programming due to cancellation of events, and nevertheless work hard every day to take the best information and programming to Canadians during this time of crisis caused by the pandemic.

The government of Canada will pay the CRTC an amount greater than US$30 million, which represents the total amount TV stations would have to pay, and this way the Commission will be able to cover all the operating expenses. This measure significantly raises financially the television industry in Canada.

Many media in the region expect this type of measures to be taken by local governments since coronavirus is affecting the industry in a way that some do not have enough liquidity to face the situation if they must go on like this for more time.