The 13-episode series La Música Con Manzanero takes part of the channel anniversary

Canal 22 Internacional celebrates 10 years of broadcasting in the U.S.
15 de agosto de 2014

Celebrating 10 years of broadcasting in the United States under the banner Canal 22 Internacional: 10 Years, Mexico’s arts and entertainment channel continues to deliver the best in artistic and cultural expressions from Mexico and the world to its viewers in the US. As part of its year-long 10th Anniversary celebration, Canal 22 Internacional is presenting an exclusive concert featuring Mexico’s preeminent songwriter Armando Manzanero, simply entitled La Música Con Manzanero. The Grammy Lifetime Achievement winner, known as the “ambassador” of Mexico around the world, returns to Canal 22 Internacional on Sunday, August 17, in a series that offers a rare look at his music, his talent, his life and his friends. Throughout his incredible 55-year music career, Armando Manzanero has written more than 400 songs, many of which became international hits, performed and recorded by such musical icons as Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Elvis Presley and Andrea Bocelli. His music has also been performed by well-known Mexican singers, including José José and Marco Antonio Muñiz. As the 13-episodes of La Música Con Manzanero explore the music of Armando Manzanero, viewers will also learn the history of romantic music in Mexico from many of Manzanero’s accomplished musical friends, including Aleks Syntek, Ely Guerra, Celso Piña, Alex Lora and La Sonora Santanera, among others.