Orissa Castellanos, director of Canal 22 Internacional: This pandemic has allowed the channel to open up to the world

Canal 22 Internacional celebrates 16 years
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|07 de mayo de 2020

The cultural signal Canal 22 Internacional, distributed by THEMA América in the US, celebrated Tuesday, May 5 its 16th anniversary, and has launched several initiatives during the health crisis to continue connecting with its audience. One of them is the short film content Un Día en Casa, which admits all kinds of expressions, from documentaries to mini-fiction or experimental video, with a variety of topics. The reception of material is open until Sunday, April 31.

Other initiatives during this quarantine have been La Dichosa Lectura, a spin-off from La Dichosa Palabra, where talents from Canal 22 recommend books to the audience, and El Palomazo Virtual, in which Fernando Rivera Calderón, from the show Me Canso Ganso, improvises songs.

“We will not cease to be the link with his nation for immigrant Mexicans in the US and will continue redoubling efforts to show the best artistic manifestations in Spanish in Mexico and the world, which is one of our main goals," said Orissa Castellanos, Director of the Channel.

She reported that the productions that have been stopped due to the contingency are El Sexo Nuestro de Cada Día, Sin Azúcar, El Nido, La Dichosa Palabra, Netáforas and Contraseña.

When consulted on how future productions will be, she believes they will move to a hybrid model regarding live information and opinion programs, using platforms and traditional production, in which immediacy will continue to prevail. "This pandemic has allowed the channel to open up to the world, exploring remote participation formulas with home equipment with minimum personnel at the TV station," she explains.