Orissa Castellanos, director of Canal 22 Internacional: We’ve selected excellent cultural programs that highlight the best of Latin America

Canal 22 Internacional to premiere a variety of original productions this Summer  
24 de junio de 2022

THEMA América, a Canal + company, announced that Canal 22 Internacional, the cultural channel of Mexico in the United States will be airing a variety of premieres, and original productions, that represent the best artistic and cultural expressions of Mexico and Latin America, to connect with Mexicans, Mexican-Americans, and the entire Latino community in the United States.

“During these months we’ve selected excellent cultural programs that highlight the best of Latin America, I’m sure these original productions will resonate with the Hispanic audiences. In our Summer line-up, there is something for everyone, starting with Sabores de mi Barrio (Taste of my Neighborhood) a series that rescues the culinary traditions and customs of Panama, from Argentina, Ciencia a la Carta (Science to la Carte) is an interesting series that fuses gastronomy and science. Additionally, we’ll present nature documentaries such as Felinos de Costa Rica (Costa Rica’s Felines) featuring Costa Rica’s forests, and species, and we’ve also included special programming featuring our distinctive music,” said Orissa Castellanos, director of Canal 22 Internacional.

Starting in July Canal 22 Internacional will present the best of its programming with a variety of premieres such as Cuerpos Migrantes (Migrating Bodies), Sundays at 8pm PT, 11pm ET; Sabores de mi Barrio (Taste of my Neighborhood), Mondays at 2:30pm PT, 5:30pm ET; Trazos de Libertad (Trails of Freedom) on Friday, July 29th at 4pm PT, 7pm ET; Una fiesta en Liberia(A Party in Liberia) on Sunday, July 31st at 8:30pm PT, 11:30pm ET; ¿Sabías qué? (Guess What?) Tuesdays, at 2:00 p.m. PT, 5:00 p.m. ET. México; Crea e Inventa (Mexico Creates and Invents), Sundays at 6:30pm PT, 9:30pm ET.

For the month of August Canal 22 Internacional has prepared a special programming line-up that includes the original production Antes del cine (Before the Cinema). Other programming includes several premieres such as: Ciencia a la carta (Science to la Carte); Lo que Somos (What we are); and Generación impulse (Impulse Generation); Felinos de Costa Rica – (Costa Rica’s Felines).

In September Canal 22 Internacional will present two original productions: Compositoras Mexicanas (Mexican Composers) - A concert that seeks to recognize, highlight and disseminate the creative inspiration of women in Mexico’s musical environment (Thursday, September 15th at 8:30pm PT, 11:30pm ET, and Jazz en Los Portales (Jazz in the Porches), Saturdays at 7pm PT, 10pm ET.

THEMA América is in charge of distributing and representing Channel 22 Internacional in Spanish in the United States.