Alacocina.TV has been included in Pluto TV LatAm and the US as part of the Lifestyle category and in the Pluto Cocina channel

Canal Alacocina.TV focused on internationalization 
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|26 de mayo de 2021

Nuevaventura Films is a Peruvian company with more than 16 years devoted to content creation and media. Rodrigo Egües André, Executive President, and Benjamin Otero, General Manager; are behind this business venture that, five years ago, launched successfully Alacocina.TV.

“Alacocina.TV was born with the spirit of being a cooking entertainment network, depicting the fun that revolves around food, eating and the whole lifestyle is known as a foodie. Our dream is to make Alacocina.TV becomes the most important gastronomy channel in Latin America”, Egües and Otero explained.

Alacocina.TV is available on DIRECTV, Claro video and on social networks such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. “In pay-TV, we are among the 20 most-watched channels. In Peru, we have been widely accepted, and during the pandemic, we reached 20 million users monthly on social networks,” they pointed out.

Two years ago, the contents of Alacocina.TV are available digitally in Chile. "And people from everywhere began to visit our social networks," they said.

As of this year, the contents of Alacocina.TV was included in Pluto TV LatAm and in the US as part of the Lifestyle category and in the Pluto Cocina channel.

“We have decided to accelerate our engines, so we have reactivated the production machinery. From day one our goal was to become an international network. We are very focused on internationalization. We have a couple of people finding out about distribution on pay-TV and also how from social networks and OTT, we are able to connect with other audiences. We also seek to produce our formats in other territories,” they explained. They are targeting Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and the United States.

"Our formats are innovative and shooting in other territories does not require a super investment, but at the same time we are looking for options to meet partners in different territories," they conclude.

Watch Alacocina.TV’s reel here