Enriqueta Cabrera, general director of Canal Once

Canal Once: In 2013 we allocated 65% of our budget to original productions and 6% to acquisitions
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|22 de noviembre de 2013

Canal Once unveiled in Mexico City its new programming and re-brand, which takes it back its original 1959 name: Canal Once. The programming grid will feature new seasons of the channel’s successful series, as well as new productions. "Canal Once is the public channel with the largest production of series in Latin America. In 2013 we allocated 65% of our budget to original productions and co-productions, and 6% to acquisitions. We’re giving back through our screen the funding we get from the public. In the near future, we plan to commercialize some of this content,” said Enriqueta Cabrera, general director of Canal Once. She also said the channel already has a 70% reach on broadcast TV in Mexico, and it has cable distribution through over 500 operators across the U.S., reaching over two million homes. Cabrera said there are big challenges to the digital conversion. “We’ll be on time for the TDT broadcast; we already did it in Tijuana and we’ll do it with the rest of our stations.” One of the most important announcements of the night was that, “the channel will revert to the name all Mexicans know: Canal Once del Instituto Politécnico Nacional -the name adopted in 1959, which lives in the public memory as the country’s first public station, with the slogan Canal Once, opening horizons,” said Cabrera. In terms of programming, the channel will continue with premieres for the end of the year and throughout 2014, such as the new seasons of series like Niño Santo, Paramédicos, Crónica de Castas, Crónicas y Relatos de México, Patrimonio Mundial Natural en México, and Sacro y Profano, among others.