Patricia Arriaga, producer of Juana Inés

Canal Once: The series Juana Inés had an average investment of 10% of a period feature film
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|23 de marzo de 2016

Canal Once presented its new original production, the series Juana Inés (7x60'), inspired in the life of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, to be launched next March 26th at 9:30pm. It is produced by Patricia Arriaga, who said it is one of the most ambitious projects of her career. She announced her interest in continuing to do projects in this genre (with a historical context). The life of Tina Modotti is one of her next works. “To make a series of this level has a lot of complications. One of the main ones was the budget; however, we managed to make a product equivalent to three feature films and a half and an average investment of 10% that would be required by a period feature film, demonstrating that in Mexico we can do quality productions”, she explained. The producer highlighted that the intention of this product is to show what the XVIIth century was like and how Juana Inés was a woman who managed to be part of the court, who fought and knew how to remain in power. “TV stations don't understand that there are 60 million Mexicans who watch TV every day, that it is necessary to invest in quality things. TV is in its third golden age and I want to continue doing this type of project. I have the story of Tina Modotti on the table as one of the next works I will produce”, she added. Juana Inés is portrayed by Arcelia Ramírez. The production has another 54 actors. It was written by Monika Revilla, Javier Peñalosa and Patricia Arriaga herself.