Letras de la Diplomacia

Canal Once to debut new original series Letras de la Diplomacia

03 de septiembre de 2015

Canal Once will premiere its new, original series Letras de la Diplomacia on Saturday, September 5, at 7:30pm PT /10:30pm ET. The program reveals the secrets and little-known facts of authors who have served as Mexican International Service, writing the documents that shaped Mexico’s role in the world. Focusing on the everyday life, work and diplomatic duties of the writers, Letras de la Diplomacia compiles amazing anecdotes about how working abroad as diplomats impacted their writing careers and influenced the stories they wrote. The series also seeks out insights from friends, relatives and colleagues, including the opinions of French-born Mexican journalist and author Elena Poniatowska; Mexican writer, historian, and literary critic Christopher Domínguez Michael; Mexican poet Eduardo Lizalde; Felipe Garrido; Dolores Castro; Gonzalo Celorio and many others. Among the little-known stories told in the new series are how celebrated author Fernando del Paso almost lost the original handwritten galley for his novel Noticias del Imperio on the train in Spain; how Federico Gamboa’s Santa, the first Mexican bestseller, and his success in Mexico and other countries provided the foundation for the first sound movie in the Mexican film industry; and how Gilberto Owen’s brilliant career and diplomatic postings in the U.S., Peru, and Ecuador started by his reciting the poem La Legión del Águila for president Álvaro Obregón.