Enriqueta Cabrera, director of Canal Once

Canal Once: We want to expand our distribution to LatAm and take Paramédicos to Netflix
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|20 de agosto de 2015

After the launch of the second season of the series Paramédicos -produced by Lemon Films for Canal Once, with support from the Mexican Red Cross- Friday August 14th at 10pm, the public channel is aiming to place it on platforms such as Netflix, as it already did with Crónica de Castas. In an interview, Enriqueta Cabrera, director of Canal Once, mentioned that the international response to the series produced by the channel has been very good so now “we are working to place it not only in the US and part of Canada, but also in other Latin American countries. For now we are betting on placing our productions on platforms like Netflix, where Crónica de Castas was recently included, and we hope that Paramédicos can soon be placed as well”. Cabrera highlighted Canal Once´s bet on public TV series. “We are pioneers in this field and we have been producing them for several years. It is a new genre that is becoming really strong around the world. The film industry is migrating to TV because now, the stories told in film which last almost two hours, are told in 10 or 13 episodes and in several seasons”. Finally, she stated that on digital platforms, content is uploaded gradually. For example, “On YouTube we have around 9 thousand programs that help consumers build their own programming according to their interests”.