Mayolo Reyes, director of Strategy and Development at Canal Once

Canal Once will co-produce with Amazon and Netflix

Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|09 de febrero de 2018

New fiction series will arrive in 2018 to Canal Once, from production companies such as Lemon Studios and Patricia Arriaga’s Bravo Films, as well as the new version of the children´s program Odisea Burbujas, now under the concept of Planeta Burbujas for its children´s channel. Additionally, they will have co-productions with platforms like Netflix and Amazon.

“We are working on consolidating the channel´s presence in VOD because it is a complete and free platform that people don´t know. It is the path public TV stations must follow to place their contents online, making them available to the audience. We have already had meetings with Netflix and Amazon to become business partners and generate content,” explained Mayolo Reyes, director of Strategy and Development at Canal Once.

He added that this year, on the screen of Canal Once they will have four productions, including the third season of Paramédicos with Lemon Studios, with whom they are preparing another one called Perros Negros, Before Villa, on Pancho Villa’s teenage years. They will also have La Malinche, made by Patricia Arriaga from Bravo Films and A Medio Siglo de México 68, directed by Carlos Bolado. All of them in series and miniseries formats.

La Malinche is a production by Arriaga and his group of writers, the same as Juana Inés. Reyes mentioned that the signal Once Niños will continue its bet on original content and that Odisea Burbujas –a children’s program from the 80’s— is an example of this.