Isabel Rafferty, CEO, and founder of Canela Media

Canela Media: We have 570 hours of original content available in different genres
Vanessa Maldonado/Maribel Ramos-Weiner|16 de septiembre de 2022

Isabel Rafferty, CEO, and founder of Canela Media announced that among the more than 570 hours of original content they offer, in October they will launch titles such as Secretos de Villanas, Entre Fronteras and Mi Vida, plus the arrival of new programming for kids in 2023. They are also strengthening its newly opened Innovation Labs, which focuses on the Latino consumer and with which they will be seeking to become the company that wins through innovation.

“One of the contents that we will premiere in October is Secretos de Villanas, where we bring together the greatest of all telenovelas, which meet and create a sisterhood. It is a non-scripted show that we are sure will attract a great audience, because it has already won the People en Español Cover Award. Another content is Entre Fronteras, where we continue to support Latino producers through a contest in which the winner receives funds to produce the entire series. We want to give not only a budget but also exposure,” she said.

They have already five more producers on board who will receive this funding, and their productions will be seen on the Canela.TV platform. Additionally, they’re releasing the show Mi Vida, where Latin celebrities such as Kate del Castillo find a space to share part of their lives through an interview. Plus Ponle Canela, is an entertainment show that works as a platform for Latin celebrities.

As for the kids' programming, all the productions they have prepared will be available in Q1 of 2023.

To conclude, Rafferty referred to their recently inaugurated Innovation Labs devoted to technology created by the Latino market. "There is a need to improve technologies, to concentrate on this market before producing new content. This will be the first center of its kind, beginning with the Latino consumer. These innovations are not only regarding streaming, with better infrastructure, better data, and knowing the audience better; but about living outside of that. We are seeing a web trip and opportunities where there has been no investment in the Latino community, managing to be the company that wins through innovation.”