Diego Martínez, CEO and director of the production company Caponeto

Caponeto: We are facing branded content as if it were content and not an advertising piece
Aliana Gonzalez, Mexico City|22 de marzo de 2018

The Mexican production company Caponeto has traveled a very successful path in branded content, because, beyond the message the brands wants to convey, they favor a connection with the audience, maintaining content as their main focus as well as their essential goal that is to entertain.

This way, they have achieved pieces that have gone viral, such as La Chilindrina and Jaime Maussan, for Netflix, the web series for Ciel with Jesús Zavala, and even the one made for Old Spice, a few years ago —in 2014—, Fiesta Salvaje, an interactive video in which users could edit their own story.

“When they ask us for branded content, we think about the type of content that specific target wants to consume, and even though we convey the brand message or value, what we seek in the end is to create a more direct link between the brand and the audience,” explained Diego Martínez, CEO and director of the production company Caponeto.

With their experience in TV and cinema, they have dealt with proposals using daring solutions, with formats in the reality or lifestyle format, as in En La Piel De Una Mujer, for Nivea, a reality web in which Luz Masetina lives a different woman´s everyday life in each episode, and already achieved more than 60 million views.

“There is a huge myth with the topic of length on the web. As I see it, it doesn´t have to be two minutes, it can be much more,” said Martínez.