Sobreviviendo a Pablo Escobar “Alias JJ” (60x60’)

Caracol: Convinced that the new series Sobreviviendo a Pablo Escobar “Alias JJ" will awe the international audience
20 de septiembre de 2016

Caracol Televisión announced that on September 19 they will start the shooting one of the most ambitious projects they have embarked upon, the series Sobreviviendo a Pablo Escobar “Alias JJ” (60x60’).

The actor in charge of bringing this dangerous criminal to life on the screen is Juan Pablo Urrego, and the series will be shot 100% in locations in Bogota and Medellin. The direction is under the responsibility of Luis Alberto “Peto” Restrepo, Jorge Sandoval and Juan Carlos Vásquez.

This production is based on the book written by John Jairo Velásquez, alias “Popeye”, lieutenant and leader of Pablo Escobar’s group of hired killers. The story tells his life from the moment he decides to hand himself in to justice to avoid the murder of the woman he was deeply in love with. Urrego, the actor, who met several times with John Jairo Velásquez to understand his psychology and make his characterization believable and real, will be accompanied in the series by an international-rate cast, in which the actress Nicole Santamaría (Esmeraldas and La Promesa) stands out.

“This new mega production is, undoubtedly, one of the most ambitious and daring projects we have produced. We are convinced that this production will awe the international audience. This way, we ratify the leadership we have worldwide, where we are recognized for our offer: innovative series, with attractive plots and the highest production standards,” commented Lisette Osorio, Sales VP at Caracol Internacional.