Lisette Osorio, International Sales VP de at Caracol Televisión

Caracol Internacional: Our big love stories are sought after in MIPTV
Jaime Quintero, Bogota|05 de abril de 2019

Caracol Televisión is present in MipTV, taking series like Un Bandido Honrado and La Gloria de Lucho and, in entertainment formats, La Agencia.

“MipTV is a great opportunity to meet with our clients in Europe, Asia, and Africa to present and position our launches from the first semester. We have attended continuously and it has become a stage to continue cultivating our commercial relations in these territories," comments Lisette Osorio, International Sales VP de at Caracol Televisión.

“The current dynamics of the market demand risky products that propose new ways to tell stories but keeping a universal language that can travel to different territories. Caracol Televisión has specialized in the innovating year after year, positioning itself as a quality seal in production. Our big love stories are appreciated in this market. Productions such as Sinú, Río de Pasiones, Tarde lo Conocí and Mariana & Scarlett have been successful in France, Poland, and Spain. Our original entertainment formats have also been strong in these territories, as in the case of Nomads/El Desafio, that has been adapted in Rumania and Greece recently; Now, with La Agencia, we are proposing a new way to present the fashion industry in a reality,” adds Osorio.

Additionally, they include web series and documentaries that cater to all the market´s multiplatform programming.

“This year we are expanding our presence in Europe through our internal production company, creating new projects and alliances to bring innovative contents to the market.”