Laura Archbold and Diego Cadavid from Adentro

Caracol Play launched the web series Adentro
11 de septiembre de 2020

Caracol Play has its debut as a third-party content distribution window, and launches the web series Adentro, created and produced during the pandemic by Diego Cadavid, Laura Archbold and Juan Cadavid.

Adentro will depict the story of a woman trapped in her house because of her demons and a pandemic.

“My bet with Adentro was mainly to have my mind busy during the quarantine, which we didn't expect to be this long. We didn't have any pretensions, we were guided by the fact of enjoying the development of creativity among family members," detailed Diego Cadavid.

Mónica Zuluaga, director of Digital Marketing and Innovation at Caracol Televisión, explained that: “For six years, Caracol Play has diversified its content offer constantly in the aim to give value to subscribers, offering content that is 100% from Caracol Televisión. Today, we are thrilled to debut as a third-party content distribution window with Adentro, a very valuable series, developed amidst the pandemic, with which we see an opportunity to continue offering our audiences the best stories, of very high quality, production values, recursiveness and talent, which they will surely fall in love with."

This five-episode web series, that users will be able to watch for free for a limited time starting September 9 on, is the first content created or produced externally that is now part of the inventory of Caracol Play stories.