Gonzalo Córdoba, Caracol Televisión: We are thrilled and excited to bring our 50+ years’ experience to Mexico and assemble a local team

Caracol Televisión officially becomes an investor and producer in Mexico
15 de octubre de 2021

After formalizing an agreement with the Fernández family that allows the production of the series about Vicente Fernández's life and its worldwide distribution through Netflix, Caracol Televisión officially entered Mexico as an investor and producer.

“Caracol Televisión has set out to break boundaries by building marvelous story narratives produced under the highest quality standards. We have achieved great goals working hand in hand with the best talent. We are thrilled and excited to bring our 50+ years’ experience to Mexico and assemble a local team, opening the door of working and producing within an international market,” said Gonzalo Córdoba, president of Caracol Televisión.

Dago García, VP of Production and Content at Caracol Televisión, explained that at a creative level, they will lead the project from Colombia and that the entire production team of the series is Mexican. “Catalina Porto, executive manager of the production company, will be the head of the project from Mexico, being responsible for incorporating and setting up the company and supervising production as delegate producer of Caracol Televisión, together with Harold Sánchez, producer of the series.”

“This project has a lot of meaning for us, not only because it marks the beginning of a new stage for our productions, but because we assume it with great responsibility and respect for Mexico, its culture, and the entire industry in general. This is why Caracol made the decision to settle in Mexico and take over the project directly. Thus we managed to imprint our seal of quality that is unique in the world and at the same time we ensure compliance with all local regulations, to make this the first of many projects to come,” said Catalina Porto, executive manager of the Caracol Televisión Production Company and president of Caracol México.