The Queen of Flow 2 is back with an audacious production and a taste of reggaeton

Caracol Television presents The Queen of Flow 2
19 de enero de 2021

Caracol Television unveils The Queen of Flow 2 at NATPE. The series that became a worldwide hit and a phenomenon on digital platforms, social media, and music downloads, is back with an audacious production and a taste of reggaeton.

Yeimy Montoya (Carolina Ramirez) and Charly Flow (Carlos Torres), the explosive duo that took over the world, will be confronted again in this love and hate story, battling to win over the throne of Flow. Anything goes!

Now, Yeimy is faced with new dangers threatening her, and her family’s lives. A new enemy that knows her well appears and stalks her. Her world, and the world of everyone she loves, staggers, while Charly Flow, from the shadows, tries to get his freedom back.

“We started this year with enthusiasm and strength, unveiling to our clients the second part of The Queen of Flow. The countdown is finally over, here´s what everyone was longing for! This story arrives on the international market with a powerful formula: a solid and current narrative that includes infallible classic drama elements, unfolding to the rhythm of a soundtrack created to conquer new audiences and stages in the international market,” highlighted Lisette Osorio, Caracol Television´s International Sales VP.

Caracol will also present a new and daring version of its format The Challenge- The Box. A new adventure in the middle of the jungle and the Andes mountains, where a small citadel like no other has been built. A new world dedicated to the best, the strongest, the smartest, and the most courageous!

Dago García, Production and Content VP at Caracol Television, stated: “It has been a real challenge to build a citadel in the middle of the jungle in Colombia, made up of five boxes provided with all kinds of obstacles, giving life to the toughest competition. In that same spot, we have built four spectacular houses, that will remain intact until the teams win the competitions. I think it is a great infrastructure project that will lead to the most intense Challenge we have produced so far.”