Dago García, Production and Content VP at Caracol Televisión

Caracol Televisión: With La Nena I enter the world of web series
Jaime Quintero, Bogota|07 de diciembre de 2018

Caracol Next, the digital business unit of Caracol Television, presented the web series La Nena, in which Dago García assumes a new challenge in the digital world.

“The challenge is to condense the story even more; here in six minutes that each story lasts, there should be a proposition, a knot, an outcome, and a tip to hook with the following episodes. The learning has been great and I hope to do more projects like this,” comments Dago García.

La Nena is a web series starring Yuri Vargas, Valentina Lizcano, Marcela Carvajal and Alejandro Gutiérrez. Produced by Caracol Televisión and Dago García Producciones, La Nena will tell the story of Jairo and Yolanda, a married couple that is about to split after 30 years of marriage, but before doing it, they decide that the last thing they will do as a couple will be to find a husband for the baby, their cherished daughter.

Dago García, who is also Production and Content VP at Caracol Televisión, spoke about his new challenge: “Until now, I have been a writer for television, cinema, and theater, but I hadn´t ventured into the digital world because of a certain resistance to condensed playwriting. However, every resistance hides a challenge and a wish. These two feelings drove me to this format with all the intention that any adventure implies: to learn and to face me with the occupation."

La Nena is a seven-episode production available on the website of Caracol TV.