Marcelo Liberini, Digital VP at Caracol Television: Looking for diversification paths in audiences

Caracol: Turning VOLK into a Game Studio
Jaime Quintero, Bogota|10 de enero de 2020

Marcelo Liberini, Digital VP at Caracol Television, announced that one of the goals they have in the digital area is to look for diversification paths in audiences, which is why they created VOLK Games.

“We spent almost two years analyzing internally together with the teams how we were going to position ourselves in that entertainment area. We decided to venture with VOLK Games, a platform that will become a Game Studio, mixing news contents related with the world of video games, but mainly to position ourselves in the videogame tournament operation in the attempt to cluster around our brand all the community of the country´s successful videogamers," comments Marcelo Liberini, Digital VP at Caracol Television.

VOLK is available from October 10 as part of the network of Caracol Next portals from Caracol Televisión.

The networks that will have VOLK are #NoJueguesSolo Instagram: @VolkGames - Twitter, Facebook and Twitch: @VolkGamesBS -