Caracol TV´s Her Mother’s Killer (Ana´s Revenge) is now a global knockout

Caracol TV’s Ana´s Revenge ranked 6th on Netflix
24 de septiembre de 2020

Caracol Television hit series Her Mother’s Killer (Ana´s Revenge) is now a global knockout, ranked as #6 series on Netflix worldwide Top 10, according to the What’s On Netflix website.

Following its broadcast in Colombia, leading the prime time for three consecutive months, the series became a trend since its premiere on Netflix. Beating series like Dark Desire, The Umbrella Academy, and Stranger, Her Mother’s Killer is now one of the platform’s main features.

Lisette Osorio, Caracol Television’s International Sales VP highlighted: “Her Mother’s Killer is a winning cocktail of three key elements: a female lead character who faces her country’s corrupt political system to make justice. A powerful and dramatic narrative, that catches your attention from the first episode. A stellar cast with high-level talent. This mix has made of this story a reference melodrama that transcends borders, making it appealing in different territories and exhibition windows.”

Juana Uribe, Network VP at Caracol Television, is the head behind this project which was produced by CMO Producciones for Caracol.

Her Mother’s Killer features a provocative cast led by: Marlon Moreno, George Slebi, Geraldine Zivic, Michelle Manterola, Ana Wills, Mauricio Figueroa, Maria Cecilia Botero, Juliana Galvis and Alejandro Gutiérrez.