Without Breasts There Is No Paradise

Caracol TV contents now available on Amazon Prime Video
16 de agosto de 2019

Caracol Television added the series Without Breasts There Is No Paradise and Out of Fashion, to Amazon Prime Video.

Without Breasts There Is No Paradise is the story of Catalina, a girl who lives in a society where her classmates, who have enhanced, voluptuous breasts, get ahead financially thanks to the money they get from drug traffickers. To walk into that new world of happiness, opulence, and prosperity, Catalina has no other choice: she has to have big breasts, so she devotes all her creativity and efforts to finding the money to get silicone implants and be able to enter that "paradise". Catalina, however, never considered the high cost she would have to pay for her ambition.

Out of Fashion tells the story of María Jose, a successful executive who is fired from a well-known ad agency after working there for many years and is replaced by three junior ad agents. She will have to accept a position as a project director in a digital agency and face a big challenge: understanding a world of which she is not a native and learn first-hand that thirty is not the new twenty.