Lisette Osorio, International Business VP at Caracol Television

Caracol TV: Let’s Go Virtual with excellent response
Ríchard Izarra/Jaime Quintero|07 de abril de 2020

In the first delivery of #PRODUprimetime with Ríchard Izarra, Lisette Osorio, International Business VP at Caracol Television, shared the current moment the industry is experiencing and how, through Let’s Go Virtual, it is reinventing itself.

“At this moment it is necessary to give audiences information, but also entertainment. The business cannot be stopped because there are no fairs. This is how we launched Let’s Go Virtual, making the most of technology to dynamize the business," comments Lisette Osorio, International Business VP at Caracol Televisión.

“Our clients´ response with these meetings in the different territories has been excellent, we a sending a message that we are with them in good and in bad times. We have a robust catalog they can nurture from and that can give them 360 solutions. Additionally, negotiations with us are easy and flexible, as they have been traditionally."

Osorio highlights the repurchase of products in these times as safe bets, for example, Escobar, el Patrón del Mal in Chile, this being a title that captivates the audience, and by putting it on open TV it will have an outstanding audience once again. Comedy´s revitalization ability to refresh the audience with humor productions such as Pedro el Escamoso, Nuevo Rico and Vecinos, among others, can also be highlighted.

Caracol Televisión currently has a vast inventory of productions, available for the industry and also for their main screen, on which soon La Venganza de Analía will debut on primetime.

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