Gonzalo Códoba and Shany Nadan

Caracol TV: More than 120 countries have seen Bolívar already
19 de septiembre de 2019

Caracol Televisión presented Bolívar in Bogota, Colombia, where the production that has toured the world through Netflix has not been launched yet. "More than 120 countries already saw the series and the reports we have to fill us with satisfaction. It is the most ambitious television production, the series that takes to Colombia and the world the life of the Liberator Simón Bolívar," expressed Gonzalo Córdoba, president of Caracol, in the presentation speech.

Córdoba assured that with the series they want to instill in TV viewers curiosity over their past. They want the story to become trendy so the present acquires sense. "If we manage to do our job, it will have been worth it."

According to the executive, the series fulfills the goals the set a few years ago: to develop and support productions that have a purpose. "We are doing it with Bolívar and also in cinema: boosting important films like Monos, recently launched in Los Angeles, the way we did with El Abrazo de la Serpiente and the way we do with El Olvido Que Seremos, by Héctor Abad with Fernando Trueba. We are full of productions that are part of this celebration of our 50th anniversary and that say a great deal about Caracol´s production attitude".

Córdoba has the certainty that the same thing will happen in Colombia as in the rest of the countries: Bolívar will be a hit. "Because the series goes beyond that, it is not just the story of the Liberator from his childhood until his death, but the difficult task of telling his life related with his loves, his women, and his passion for freedom."

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