Marcelo Liberini, Digital VP at Caracol Televisión

Caracol TV: Prepaid content agreement with Facebook
Aliana González|04 de febrero de 2020

Marcelo Liberini, Digital VP at Caracol Televisión, reported that they achieved a prepaid content agreement with Facebook, one of the first consolidated in Latin America, in which the platform pays for the content before it generates income for a number of visits, betting on the interactivity potential this content. “This agreement is very interesting because it changes the logic in which digital platforms have historically managed television contents," said Liberini, after mentioning that, in exchange, they, give some exclusiveness windows of those contents to Facebook.

He commented that Caracol Televisión publishes clips of their traditional television programs, which have the potential to generate interactivity in social platforms, and Facebook pays them for the content. “Facebook is giving value to television contents, to our intellectual property, and to our brand with this agreement. It is a win-win agreement," he said.

He explained that since 2019 they have been making this type of agreement in the US, but in this region, this is one of the first. "Of course, they will be deploying more agreements with other relevant television channels and content generators in Latin America, but it gives a great deal of value to Caracol as a company and as a content-producing organization to be one of the first chosen to close agreements," comments Liberini.

This is about contents on programs that appear on open TV, such as interviews, entertainment and humor programs, with a 3 to 7-minute duration.