Dago García, Jaime Camil, Lisette Osorio and Gonzalo Córdoba

Caracol TV: With El Rey, Vicente Fernández we proved that our creative capacity has no borders
Soniberth Jiménez, Bogota|24 de agosto de 2022

Caracol Televisión held, last Wednesday the 17th at the Museo del Chicó, in Bogotá, a party to celebrate Vicente Fernández, the idol of ranchera music that inspires the bioseries El Rey, Vicente Fernández. Mexican actor Jaime Camil, starring in the series, traveled to the Colombian capital to be part of the celebration and also to promote in the media the launching of the show that premiered on Caracol Television on August 3 and will be released on Netflix on September 14.

El Rey, Vicente Fernández is “the first step of many to come. In due course, we will reveal the agreements we are making and the next projects to be produced in Mexico,” said Lisette Osorio, VP of International Sales of Caracol Televisión, to PRODU.

“We are celebrating the success that the series is having in Colombia and that it will surely repeat in other countries very soon. It is essential and a great achievement because with this we prove that production companies have no borders, that good content travels to many places, and that our creative capacity goes beyond our territory”, Osorio pointed out during the party.

Camil, who had been interviewed by Caracol Television and talked to Colombian magazines and newspapers, could not hide his emotion in playing the adult Vicente Fernández. "The motto was always to avoid imitation, parody, and caricature in order to create a real character, a human being who connects with his and the public's emotions, and I think we nailed it".

The actor praised Caracol for the way it has positioned itself as a "firm, strong and consistent" international level content creator. "It is a very powerful creator of local content, but this series takes them to another level. It is already among the best in Latin America” said Camil.

For the protagonist of El Rey, Vicente Fernández, it was “a very nice project". "It was done with great care to exalt the King, to exalt the legacy of Don Vicente Fernández's career. Everyone at Caracol put their hearts and faith into this project. Congratulations, Caracol, for being a content creator for Netflix, the largest content platform in the world!”