Caravana Uno: The set of Ingobernable we made consisted of four walls to deliver the appropriate look
Aliana González, Mexico City|24 de marzo de 2017

Ingobernable, by Argos for Netflix, was shot simultaneously in Caravana Uno’s Gabriel García Márquez studios, and in San Diego, California, due to the situation of the main actress, Kate del Castillo, with the government of Mexico.

In Caravana, an exact replica of the president’s office and the house of Los Pinos was built. And an identical set was built in San Diego. Made with four walls, the scenes look like a true location. “However, even if it is a bit more expensive, we managed to build this scenery without incurring in exorbitant costs,” explained Francisco Bonilla, general director of Caravana Uno, who added that color correction played an important role in the results.

All the scenes where Kate del Castillo takes part were shot in the US. However, there is no difference whatsoever with the ones shot in Mexico, where a double was used to play her parts. “When you see her facing the camera, it is in the US, and when we see her from behind, it is in Mexico. We worked with two different units that agreed on everything. We standardized the use of cameras and the people in charge of art also had to agree on many things. It is a fantastic edition job,” he expressed.

He stated that the credit for the excellent result also goes to the special effects division. “There are scenes with Kate del Castillo walking through downtown Mexico City, and it seems like she is really there,” explained Bonilla.