Itatí Cantoral will play the part of Silvia Pinal during several years of her adult life

Carla Estrada of Televisa: Series on Silvia Pinal is an important challenge in my career
Maye Albornoz, Mexico City|04 de abril de 2017

Televisa presented the actresses who will play the role of Silvia Pinal in the new biographic series on the renowned Mexican actress and producer, that is produced by Carla Estrada. Gala Prieto, Lara Campos, Mía Rubín, Nicole Vale and Itatí Cantoral will represent the artist in different stages of her life.

“It is a complicated series and a great responsibility regarding acting, scenery, costume and in every production detail. This has been one of the most important challenges I have had in my career. Silvia Pinal has been very respectful and very generous with everything she has told us,” stated Estrada.

Itatí Cantoral, who will play the part of Pinal during several years of her adult life, assured she has a big responsibility in her hands and that they have been in pre-production for three months, which has allowed them to be careful with every detail that will come out on screen, ensuring quality of the production. “I am preparing the character, she is a diva, we all know her, she captivated us with her films. She worked with the greatest Mexican directors and actors. This series is a tribute,” she said.

Shooting will begin in May, but the series has no debut date yet, although it has been confirmed that it will be aired on primetime on Las Estrellas and on Televisa’s Blim platform. Silvia Pinal has been very much involved while the Argentinean writer Adriana Lorenzo is in charge of the scripts.