Estrellas en Cuarentena (10x30’) is distributed by Guadalupe D'Agostino's Miami Media Open

Carlos Mesber launches show Estrellas en Cuarentena
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|14 de mayo de 2020

The producer and creator Carlos Mesber launched an innovative programming proposal adapted to the current moment, titled Estrellas en Cuarentena (10x30’), successfully launched on Tuesday, May 12 at noon on Ecuavisa in Ecuador.

Estrellas en Cuarentena is an interview program, hosted by Mesber from his home with diverse Latina celebrities who, in a fun and honest way, tell him about their experience regarding isolation, how their lives have changed during the pandemic and their most impacting stories.

“The format is born out of necessity: Although we are locked inside our homes, we want to know not only what is going on in the news, but how famous people are doing," explains Mesber.

The distribution of the show is under the responsibility of Guadalupe D'Agostino, former RCTV Internacional, through her company Miami Open Media.

“The key to this program lies in that although it is produced at a distance, it is possible to talk with stars with trust and honesty. The conversation is so good that a producer who saw the pilot told me ‘it looks like they`re sitting down having a drink with you at home’,” he added.

Until now, they have already made four episodes and there are six more in production, as well as 15 confirmed guests for other editions.

“It is a very assertive program for the reality we are living in, not only because it is adequate for the audiences who are seeking new content, but because they are well-known celebrities talking about topics the audience resonates with," expressed D’Agostino. He added that it is easy and efficient content for programmers in the current situation and that it is "convenient for everybody. It has been very well received”.

They explained that the format of the show allows placing it as part of a general daily entertainment program or launching the entire show on weekends. “It is possible to do many things with it" ended Mesber.