Carlos Moreno, producer of Mi Secreto for Televisa

Carlos Moreno of Televisa: Mi Secreto is a comedy and love story
14 de septiembre de 2022

Televisa is betting on young talent with its new telenovela Mi Secreto, produced by Carlos Moreno, starring Macarena García, Diego Klein, Isidora Vives and Andrés Baida. According to Moreno, it is a story that blends melodrama with comedy. The show will premiere this Monday the 12th at 4:30 pm on Las Estrellas. 

“It is a very entertaining story and well adapted by Martha Carrillo and Cristina García. We have very entertaining content in our hands, but with a great love story perfectly well played and directed by Luis Eduardo Reyes and Nelinho Acosta”, Moreno assured.

Both the selection of the story and the actors was a joint effort with the literary team. “The cast was put together as we read the first scripts, imagining who could play each character. We did a thorough pre-production work with the directors, we read scripts and rehearsed and all the actors joined in and that's why they earned their roles.”

In Mi Secreto, Valeria (Macarena García) and Natalia (Isidora Vives) play two girls who met at a boarding school in Spain at the age of eight. The experience of their families' neglect will unite them intimately, making them best friends until the day they have a terrible accident. Valeria is the only survivor, but she has to run away. The police are after her and she knows that they are not going to believe in her innocence. She only manages to save Natalia's documents, so she assumes the identity of her dead friend and returns to her country. Back in Mexico, Valeria arrives at Hacienda Moncada, without imagining the problems and enemies that await her there. But when it seems that her secret will never hurt her, Natalia reappears. She did not die in the accident and she returns ready to reclaim her identity.

The cast also includes Karyme Lozano, Arturo Peniche, Claudia Ramírez, Fernando Ciangherotti, Alma Delfina, Luis Felipe Tovar, Vanessa Bauche and Luis Fernando Peña.

It is an adaptation of Marissa Garrido’s Ha Llegado Una Intrusa (An Intruder Has Arrived), by Martha Carrillo and Cristina García.