Carlos Perna, co-general director of Boomdog Films

Carlos Perna of Boomdog Films: Our goal is to take our project El Incorrecto to the U.S. Hispanic market

Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|17 de julio de 2014

Carlos Perna, co-general director of Boomdog Films, spoke to PRODU about the show El Incorrecto, currently airing on E! Entertainment, Cadenatres, and UnoTV, among others. He said the production house wants to take the show to the U.S. Hispanic market and continue producing fictions. “We had always been commissioned to produce shows, but this year we started our own production El Incorrecto; a little dream that continues to grow. The goal is to place it first in Mexico and later take it to the U.S. Hispanic market,” said Perna. He pointed out that another goal for those who make TV is fiction, “and that’s why we’re opening doors to enter that genre. This is in addition to our specific projects developing image campaigns for channels.” Regarding producing for other, like they do with shows like La Sopa, Xtreme Make Over Home Edition, Fashion Police or Todo o Nada, for networks such as E! Enterntaiment, Telemundo or Turner, Perna said that “instead of producing in other countries, clients needing adaptations or versions of their productions for the region, we’re looking to produce those in Mexico.”