Carlos Valera and Adriana Echeverri
Carlos Valera and Adriana Echeverri of NBCUniversal: We Create The Right Storytelling For Each And Every Brand
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|16 de septiembre de 2018

Creative Services Manager Carlos Valera and Creative Solutions Manager Adriana Echeverri of NBCUniversal International Networks presented the NBCUnlimited unit during the 2018 NBCU Experience on the third day of the event.

“The U Effect refers to the special treatment we give our clients and how we create the right storytelling for each and every brand. We’re the creative department and are also NBCUnlimited” Echeverri said.

As part of the presentation, they showed videos of several of the department’s projects including the 20th anniversary celebration of the Puig company’s Antonio Banderas Fragrances, whose airing on E! Entertainment had 35.8 million impressions for a total of 52 million on all platforms, and a four-episode miniseries for Nissan Mexico that had 1.3 million views, in which 60 percent of followers interacted with the brand content.

The two creatives noted that discussions with clients inevitably start with television, move on to digital, then return to TV. They said that digital companies like Netflix have well understood the
power of the different screen formats and advertises on them. Another case they mentioned was the comedy series Samantha!, produced by Netflix Brazil and advertised on E! featuring exclusive interviews with the comedian.

Another case in point was Coca-Cola’s Sabores Telemundo Internacional in a multi-screen alliance for which 12 original recipes were created that could be most tastily accompanied with a Coke. The campaign won 1.1 million impressions on social networks and 15.9 million on the air. Other cases presented involved brands like Skechers and Opticalia.