Carlos Vasallo

Carlos Vasallo joins America CV Network as new president and CEO

19 de enero de 2016

The Board of Directors of Caribevisión has appointed Carlos Vasallo as president and CEO of América CV Network. Vasallo is an entrepreneur and executive with long and proven experience in the area of communications in US, Latin America and Europe. "América CV Network comprises two channels in the South of Florida, which are: America TeVé and TeVeo, the latter focused more on news programming, four full power stations in Puerto Rico and a channel in New York making the media conglomerate the largest group of independent television stations in the Spanish market of US" said Carlos Vasallo, "producing 14 hours per day, six of them in news and informational programs for analysis, debate and opinion. America TeVé has 10 thousand square meters of facilities in Hialeah Gardens, a workforce of 300 employees and three fully equipped studios, as well as space for another three studios. "Our ability to produce live programming along with the number of hours produced each day is not exceeded by any other large network in the United States or Spain. Hopefully, luck will guide and accompany me to properly direct and focus growth in the right direction with the hope and the desire to be the first independent network in a free Cuba" stated Vasallo.