Carolina Guillén, host of Béisbol Esta Noche and #Redes of ESPN Deportes

Carolina Guillén of ESPN Deportes: The channel keeps elevating the quality of its sportscasts

Maribel Ramos-Weiner, Bristol CT|10 de octubre de 2013

Carolina Guillén, host of Béisbol Esta Noche and #Redes of ESPN Deportes spoke with PRODU about her career and achievements in U.S. Hispanic sports journalism. Guillén, Venezuelan journalist who started at ESPN Deportes in 2008, said she can feel the change the channel has undergone, where better talent is hired every day for its sportscasts. “The channel doesn’t have to carry every league in the world to be successful, but rather know how to handle and transform the content audiences want,” said Guillén. She hosts the show Béisbol Esta Noche Sundays at 7:30pm, leading into Domingo de Grandes Ligas on ESPN Deportes. Monday through Friday, Guillén participates in the show #Redes, which has been on the air for nine months already, and is the only live interactive program on the channel fed by social media chatter surrounding athletes via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, among others. “These social platforms end up being like virtual reality that closely approximates real life,” she added. Guillén also points out that for over a year she has been combining her on-camera activities with radio commentary, which has helped her perform better live. “I never did radio in Venezuela; I was always TV talent, which I knew how to do well. This last year of doing radio has helped me take off,” she said adding that she chose the area of sports because for her it is “the filed of dreams.”