Carolina Leconte, VP Creative of Sony / Teleset México

Carolina Leconte from Sony: We're going after endearing characters
Maye Albornoz, Mexico City|11 de mayo de 2018

Carolina Leconte, VP Creative of Sony / Teleset México said that the company's strategy is to find contents based on real events and of great impact, which do not necessarily means involving celebrities since the core is the power of the stories and their characters.

“There are two crucial points: how we tell them because although they have already been told a thousand times, there are always points of view that maybe the TV viewer has not seen, and also finding endearing characters. The theme of the bio series has not been exhausted, there are stories that have not yet been told on TV, but not everyone who is famous has a story to tell and that for me this is essential” she said.

The female approach is also there and, explains Leconte, it is no accident: “Rosario Tijeras, Paquita la del Barrio, La Bandida and La Guzmán are wonderful women with strong conflicts with material for a deeper story and additionally leaves a message. These contents have had great results because they talk about women who are in extreme situations and it is wonderful to see how they behave. With La Guzmán, for example, beyond the life of the star, we will see the story of a woman who has done wrong but has learned from her mistakes and has reinvented herself.”

This year they expect to continue with the same number of production of 2017, which amount for about 700 hours of original content and among those, 450 of fiction. Leconte stressed, however, that for the company what’s most important is to ensure quality, which has positioned Sony where it’s today.