Ignacio Flores de la Lama, director of Casa Azul, Argos´ school for actor training

Casa Azul of Argos: As well as training actors, we also train writers and soon directors
16 de septiembre de 2016

Ignacio Flores de la Lama, director of Casa Azul, Argos´ school for actor training, stated that he aims to turn this center, founded 15 years ago, into a School of Stage Arts with three careers: acting, writing and directing.

Actor training exists since its foundation, with 14 groups of graduates, at a rate of 30 per year. Training for writers will start this month -September- and the entire career takes 2 years at a master’s level. And training for directors is a project that will be implemented in 2017.

Nacho, as he is known, gave these statements to PRODU in Casa Azul’s new headquarters, in colonia Roma, where they moved after living for a decade and a half in the old house La Condesa in front of the Popocatépetl square.

It is possible to see giant and appealing photos of actors during staging processes, both in the halls and in the acting classrooms. Nacho took PRODU on a visit to each of the floors, showing personal pride for all that he has achieved during that time and even more for what is coming next. He emphasized that it is one of Argos’ divisions that is financed on its own.

On the highest floor we find the Headroom, Argos Television’s creative unit, and the Talent and Casting Direction, now under the responsibility of Ana Vega. There is also a theater, a forum, a big cafeteria, the library Carlos Payán and classrooms.