Charlie Tornell

Casanova//McCann’s new VP Creative Director Carlos Tornell finds it one of the most creative of U.S. agencies
26 de mayo de 2021

Carlos Tornell as the new VP creative director at Casanova//McCann says he is out to modernize its always effective ideas to make them even more powerful and attractive.

The creative team’s human capital was one of the main attractions that led him to join the agency headed by Ingrid Casanova-Smart. “Casanova is one of the most creative shops in the U.S., not just in the Hispanic market but in general,” Tornell said. “I don’t know any CD that wouldn’t want to work in an agency that consistently ranks amongst the best creative agencies in the U.S. But most importantly, what caught my attention is the PEOPLE. The top management in the agency has done an amazing job on creating a culture of creative prowess with a humble, down to earth personality; that’s a difficult balance to reach. Kudos to Ingrid and Elias on finding that equilibrium.”

Tornell went on to say he will act as creative leader for the Nestle brand, which is made up of 17 different brands/products: “The brand and the agency want to give the communication a more modern & contemporary voice without renouncing their core values. I have lots of experience doing that throughout my career with several brands in different categories. And I also hope to contribute to the collaborative atmosphere that permeates in the agency.”

One of the challenges that face creative directors is to maintain the relevance of ideas. “Many CD’s get caught in the digital world and forget about the power of ideas. Digital is not the future. The future is IDEAS that are powerful, engaging and relevant to all media, old and new. We must not forget that.”