Jimmy Quiñones

Casanova//McCann strengthens its Strategy unit with the talented Jimmy Quiñones
Liz Unamo|05 de septiembre de 2022

“As a strategist, my role is based on identifying communication opportunities for the brands handled by Casanova//McCann, in order to guarantee their unfailing relevance to the Hispanic market” said Jimmy Quiñones about his new position at Casanova//McCann.

Many aspects exist that should be taken into account in order to make decisions, he said. “There are a lot of challenges. Though the Hispanic market continues to have a growing importance, there’s still a long way to go in order to reflect the true Latin American culture without falling into the stereotypes and cliches so often attributed to us. Finding common ground where so many races, customs and cultures from different countries find themselves gathered together is an enormous challenge, but one we know has a direct effect on the relation that brands can establish with the Hispanic market. Beyond the language, it represents the values, behavior and traditions of Hispanic culture and consequently of how those elements can be reflected in brands.”

One of the characteristics for managing the job is curiosity, plus the passion for tackling all its elements. “Passion creates a feeling of belonging in every project and that will consequently be reflected in the end product. Curiosity is also fundamental because I believe this job is all about constant questioning, so that new angles constantly come to light. And finally, I think that setting a strategy is also a creative act that is very much linked to curiosity. The raw material of a strategy is that first creative seed needed to solve problems of business and communications.”

Before joining Casanova//McCann, Quiñones was a creative strategist with Metric Marketing, and has had over 15 years of experience in different roles within the industry.

“What attracted me about Casanova//McCann was its reputation and its focus on the Hispanic market. Its crafting is impeccable and its philosophy of “chase the impossible” is in line with mine because it reflects a passion for this industry. It’s my good fortune that today I can be part of this team.”