Distribution panel Delivering Content to Fans in 2022

Castalia: Mexicanal will launch an authenticated app through its affiliates next year
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|19 de noviembre de 2021

Luis Torres-Bohl, President of Castalia, announced that Mexicanal will launch in 2022 an authenticated app via its distribution affiliates such as Verizon and all the MVPDs “with which we are fortunate to work”.

Bohl participated in the distribution panel Delivering Content to Fans in 2022, held within the framework of the second thematic area of the Hispanic Television Summit: Content, Creation, Programming Promotion, and Delivery. In addition to Bohl, the panel included Rob Velez, Vevo's Senior Director of Multicultural Video; Cosette Molina, Senior Programming Manager for US Hispanic and Children at Pluto TV, ViacomCBS; Burke Berendes, partner at Condista, and Betty Ascencio, Manager of Strategic Hispanic and Multicultural Content and Alliances of Verizon.

The panel was moderated by Tom Umstead, Senior Editor, Programming for Multichannel News.

Most of the conversation focused on the relationships between traditional MVPDs and FASTs and the conclusion was that, for programmers, it is an "act of balance." The panelists agreed that "it is a new world" and that Hispanic streaming has not stagnated and, in fact, continues to grow and is an important component for the business. Streaming has created new opportunities and forced all providers to adjust their business models.

Berendes of Condista said that in 2022 the company will continue to focus on helping its affiliates, presenting applications direct to the consumer but through affiliates and delivering content via SVOD, FAST or dedicated app, among others, to its distributors.