Luis Torres-Bohl, president and founder of Castalia Communications

Castalia: We collaborated with APTN from to launch a channel aimed at US aborigines
16 de mayo de 2015

In the framework of INTX, Luis Torres-Bohl, president and founder of Castalia Communications, told PRODU that they had signed an agreement with the Canadian TV channel APTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network) to help in the development and distribution of a new TV channel aimed at the 5.2 million native Americans and other people with native American roots in the US. Torres highlighted that the channel must have something more specific for their distribution in the first quarter of 2016. He also announced the company’s third original docu-reality, which they are producing in Aguascalientes with the Necaxa Club. The series is called Fuerza Necaxa (13x30’). “We are in the production process. It will take some time because Necaxa is a team that is in the ascending League and with good support it should go up to the MX League. We are witnessing the process through the players. The team has been around for many years and is considered one of the founders of soccer in Mexico”, he expressed. He indicated that due to the good relations he has with Televisa Networks, company which, through Unicable and TDN, broadcasts Rayo de Plata Vida de Lucha, new projects with them are expected to arise. Regarding Mexicanal, Torres said that they are waiting to see what happens with Time Warner Cable, since they have systems in markets such as Los Angeles, that are ideal for the distribution of the channel.