Catxo, Director at In & Out

Catxo From In & Out Productions: The Experience Of The Shooting With Nido Was Difficult And Rewarding

Manuela Walfenzao|16 de agosto de 2017

Catxo, Director of the production company In & Out, made the last campaign for Nido milk for Nestlé with Casanova//McCann and Hogarth New York. In the two spots, they present the benefits of this beverage specially thought for babies' growth and protection. “The experience of the shooting was difficult and rewarding, just as we expected when we received the script” he said. “The relation with the  agency and the producer María Molina, was close at all times, during all the processes. The creatives and the client were very clear about the concepts they wanted to transmit.”

The Director knew from the first moment that it was going to be a complicated project and that is why they prepared everything meticulously and with plenty of time. “We wanted to achieve a close and authentic commercial that showed the relation between a mother and her baby in those first months during which the tiny ones learn something new every second. We wanted to show the physical effort and mental development involved in each small adventure babies face during their first days. It was about capturing those moments in an authentic and spontaneous way to transmit our story from emotions, with a natural and close tone” he added.

According to Catxo, the main challenge of the campaign was the babies' age. “We were facing a project in which our stars were barely 18 months old and we wanted them to pick up a teddy bear that was five times their size” he said. They conducted a casting with almost 300 babies for a month. “We shot the entire commercial with two babies simultaneously in order to later choose one and also had many other babies in case it was necessary. I must confess feeling passionate over this type of challenge.”