Netflix´s 13 Reasons Why, is one of the series dubbed by Centauro

Centauro: Demand for subtitles, CC and audio-description increased
Flor Singer, Caracas|16 de abril de 2020

Dubbing companies have gradually adapted their work methodologies to fulfill their clients´ requests amidst the quarantine that is affecting a large part of the world. Grupo Centauro, like all companies, has been affected, but since the beginning of the crisis, they took preventive measures and anticipated the quarantine.

“For the first days, our main focus was to be able to comply with and deliver the works that were already in production, so we tried to do the maximum of voice recording with the talents in our studios and prepared our team to be able to the do all the post-production work from their homes," explains Gustavo Nieto Silva, general manager of Centauro in Colombia.

From the beginning of the quarantine, they have not been able to record voices in their studios but have coordinated recordings with talents who have home studios that comply with the quality criteria.

“The demand for dubbing has decreased considerably and we feel the programmers themselves know that dubbing these days has been difficult. However, the demand for subtitles closed caption, and audio-description has increased and we have been very busy in that sense".