Manuel Oliver and Luis Miguel Messianu

Change the Ref and ALMA agree at Cannes Lions that creativity can change the world

27 de junio de 2019

Manuel Oliver, Founder of Change the Ref, together with Luis Miguel Messianu, Creative Chairman & CEO of ALMA, spoke of the importance the advertising industry has in boosting social change.

At the Cannes Lions Festival on Friday, June 21, Oliver and Messianu led the talk about Meet Guac, First 3D Printed Activist Standing Against 3D Guns, a campaign that tackles gun violence and gun-control laws.

“It’s a marvelous experience, another example of how, when you make the effort and are determined to find a solution with the aid of the advertising industry, you can achieve anything and everything," Oliver said.

He added that he came away from the festival with the support of advertising agencies “that understand this is a social problem and that with the simple act of sending a message in a different way, we can make a great deal of progress as a nation.”

Messianu is convinced that creativity can change the world. “This is an invitation to the entire industry to help us. Creativity is our best weapon and I am truly convinced that this is just the beginning.”